If your laptop is running Windows 10 if you search in the store there is an Xbox app you can then sign into the Xbox one app and stream your Xbox one onto the laptop. When you do this you need to plug your controllers into the laptop either by USB or Bluetooth instead of the Xbox One.

Help how can I hook up my xbox 360 to display on my laptop Oct 10, 2009 Connecting Xbox 360 to a Desktop PC and Laptop - December Dec 31, 2010 Can I hook my Wii up to my laptop's display??? - Nintendo Right now I'm at university and Wii-less. I don't really have room in my dorm here for even a small TV. Is there any way I can hook my Wii up to display on my laptop? It's a 17" widescreen so it's TECH NERDS: How do I hook up my xbox 360 to my laptop?

Can I connect my xbox one to a Lenovo a7 series all in one

My current settings say that when I have a VGA plugged in, it will black out my laptop screen and make the monitor my main desktop. You can change up things like the Orientation, multiple displays (this means you can have more than one screen, like maybe if you wanted to pull a video up on your laptop, then drag it on to the monitor screen), etc.

I am currently up in Alaska for the next several weeks working at a Fishery. Didnt bring my Xbox up with me because I wasnt sure how the living arrangements were until I got here. Well my friend said he can send my Xbox to me Priority Mail, and I was wondering if I can use my laptop to basically double as the screen since I dont have a tv up here.

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